The Kingdom of the Father is already here

Meditation reveals that stillness and peace is the heart of everything. We detach from the world, quiet our mind and return home to the Love of God, into the radical openness of awareness. The ego creates the illusion of linear time, of ups and downs, pleasant and unpleasant experiences, the illusion of separation. But the Eternal Silence and Oneness is deeper than this transitory play of waves. In every moment you can return home into the wholeness of life. In every moment the ocean of existence welcomes you: like a loving father, like a loving mother. Come home, you beloved wave of the Ocean, you beloved being, you Child of the highest Heaven. Everything is waiting for you, everything is inviting you, every beauty of creation is calling you into the eternal love affair with the Creator. The moment of our greatest fulfillment and realization of our True Self is always here and now.

You do not have to do something. Let go of the illusion that enlightenment, your great love or success awaits you in the future. Love, success and enlightenment are already here. The present moment is your doorway into heaven.  The imperfection of this world reveals the Divine Perfection. What an amazing paradox! Listen to the Truth that is written in the Gospel of Thomas:

His (Christs) disciples said to him: On what day will the kingdom come? It will not come while people watch for it; they will not say: Look, here it is, or: Look, there it is; but the Kingdom of the Father is already spread out over the earth, and men do not see it. Saying #113

You can be one of those beings – the salt and light of the earth – who awake from the dream of separation and see with the awakened eyes of the Spirit the Kingdom that is already here. Beauty is here. Mystery is here. Truth is here. Love is here. Give yourself the permission to live with this awake presence, wherever you go and whoever you meet. You can be that embodiment of oneness. You can be that window into infinity.  You can be this messenger of the almighty force of love, light and goodness. Give yourself and all of creation the gift of your awakening. It is not your job to fix the world or other people. Your only job is to remove the blocks to the awareness of loves presence within your own mind. What greater success does the world have to offer? Be in peace and the whole world is healed. Be in love and everything will fall into place. Be still and the gentle voice of the Spirit will guide you. Intelligent Infinity – or “the Father”, as Jesus said –  will show you the Way.

 © mark david vinzens



The universe is a monastery without walls

Wherever you turn
there is the presence of the Creator.
The whole universe
is his eternal monastery

without walls.

Full of angelic light is every being,
holy and worthy of praise,

if you see them with the Eyes of Oneness.
And each heart is whispering secretly



© mark david vinzens


A journey of love in which we die to the limited ego-bound perspective

The Sufi meditation of the heart is a simple practice that uses the energy of love to take the wayfarer Home. The lover gradually passes from the stage of fanâ, the annihilation of the self, to the stage of baqâ, abiding in God, or “abiding after passing away.” Through the power of His love for us, which is hidden within the heart, we are awakened to love’s unity that underlies all of life. Leaving behind the mind and the ego, we are able to enter the innermost chamber of the heart where lover and Beloved are one. Surrendering our ego-consciousness, we gradually become acclimatized to the inner dimensions of oneness, and at the same time create a vessel that can contain this higher consciousness. At first we may be frightened of a reality beyond the mind and the ego. But as the states of meditation change we become familiar with this state of absorption, are no longer fearful of being where the “lover,” annihilated in love, does not exist:

Love has moved in and adorned the house, my self tied up its bundle and left. You imagine that you see me, but I no longer exist: what remains is the Beloved.(14)

Meditation both takes us into the onenesss of love and prepares us for this experience. T.S. Eliot wisely remarked, “human kind can not bear very much reality,”(15) and the tremendous experience of the eternal emptiness that lies beyond the mind and the ego can be terrifying. We are conditioned by the basic belief that we exist as an individual, separate entity. The ego is the center of our conscious awareness. In meditation we begin to glimpse a deeper truth, that the ego is an illusion and the outer world as insubstantial as a dream. In Shakespeare’s words, “We are such stuff as dreams are made on.”(16)


The journey of the Sufi is the journey of the lover returning to the arms of the Beloved, a journey of love in which we die to the limited ego-bound perspective of ourself. Drowned in love, in the formless emptiness that is beyond the mind, we discover that within us which is eternal, and awaken to the life within the heart. In this dynamically unfolding oneness the path and the seeker are forgotten. Only His formless Presence is real:

In God there is no duality. In that Presence “I” and “we” and “you” do not exist. “I” and “you” and “we” and “He” become one…. Since in the Unity there is no distinction, the Quest and the Way and the Seeker become one.(18)

Knowing and living this unity, the lover reflects the light and love of the Beloved into his daily life. The secret of love’s oneness becomes the ground upon which we walk, the essence of the air we breathe. Inwardly merged in our Beloved, we impress the stamp of His reality into each and every moment. Outwardly we see His oneness reflected in the world; we come to know the hidden face of creation, what the Sufis call the secret of the word Kun! (Be).

Attentive to Him, we are here to serve Him. The lover who has given himself in love has embraced the poverty of the heart, “having nothing and wanting nothing.” Surrendered to our Beloved, we want nothing for ourself, not even the states of meditation. But through the mercy of His love for us He comes to us and takes us to Him. We become nourished from within, from the love and guidance that flow into the heart. Through the practice of meditation we are given access to the secrets of love, and can help to bring these secrets into the world.


My soul has caught fire

My soul has caught fire,
She breathes with the great cycles,
Day and night,
Ebb and flow,
Sun and moon,
Whole millennia shine in my soul.

The Mystery of Love
Has stolen my mind:
Now I am a servant of the One,
A wave that gives itself to the sea,
More sea than wave,
More sea than wave …

I have become one
With the dance of the universe,
With the heartbeat of all beings,
With the breath that connects the lovers,
With the longing that elevates them
to the stars.

I have become one
With the heart of all things.
I’ve forgotten myself
In the embrace of everything
And remember nothing
but the limitless face of the Beloved:

in one moment, in the twinkling of an eye,
everything can change.
And I have understood:
every moment is the right moment
to realize the simple, pure and delicate truth

that we are always and already home in infinity
and the doors of heaven are always open.
Will we meet us there again?
I already knew you, my friend,
before the beginning of time.

© mark david vinzens



True contemplation

“The contemplation of nature has two correlative aspects. First, it means appreciating the “thusness” or “thisness” of particular things, persons and moments. We are to see each stone, each leaf, each blade of grass, each frog, each human face, for what it truly is, in all the distinctness and intensity of its specific being. As the prophet Zechariah warns us, we are not to “despise the day of small things” (4:10). “True mysticism”, says Olivier Clément, “is to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.”

~ Kallistos Ware, The Orthodox Way