The oneness of science an spirituality

The future will be written by those people who can think science and spirituality together and are fearless and open-minded enough to see and embrace the oneness of reality. You can be one of them! Do not wait for the crowd. We humans are capable of greatness, as Carl Sagan said.

Β© mark david vinzens



4 thoughts on “The oneness of science an spirituality

  1. I agree.. In the coming decades, I believe science and spirituality will be bridged..

    Recently, I became very curious about bridging science and enlightenment. So, I went through many articles, books, scientific papers etc that have addressed this subject so far and tried to create a synthesis.

    I put together everything in one article, citing all the sources. You can read it here:

    It is very long one but I hope you enjoy it.

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