If you are looking for me

A boundless presence,
in which all the antitheses have disappeared
and only one thing remains:
the rain in my face,
the light of the sun in the water

and my beating heart,
which is so tiny and fragile
and at the same time all-embracing:
I know that I know nothing,
but this nothingness is omniscient.

I know everything and I know nothing at the same time.
I have forgotten, where my beginning and my end is:
I disappear in the limitless openness of space
And suddenly I am everywhere.
My name,
what is my name?

Call me life itself, my friend,
call me the the stillness and the storm,
call me the the supernova and the worm,
call me space and time and eternity.
Call me the love with wich
everyone is falling in love
in all the infinite worlds and galaxies,
wherever two loving souls meet each other,
touch, see, hear each other:

I am that love, I am that presence.
I am the dance of every dancer,
the love of all lovers,
the poetry of every poet, the vision and humble message of every  prophet in all of creation from eternity to eternity: the alpha and the omega, the universal essence and light of lights.

My name is the hidden treasur,
buried in the ocean of all things,
where life is eternal and indestructible
and the light of awareness
is the only thing, the no-thing that remains.

If you are looking for me, If you want to meet me,
I’m waiting there in this placeless place,
with a smile in my face and the open embrace
of the Infinite Self.
Do you know my true name now?
do not say it, do not even whisper,
it is not allowed to say it in public.

Conceal it completely within your heart.
Close only your eyes, let the world behind you,
all the fleeting appearances and illusions
and open your inner eyes:
the eyes of the Soul,
thes eyes of oneness. 

Be still and know the secret of the One.  

© mark david vinzens



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