The mystery of oneness lives at the heart of creation

The mystery of oneness lives at the heart of creation. Material and spiritual reality, counter-balancing parts of the same unified reality, are energized and held together by the same force that has the same influence upon the entire universe. This connective, creative energy, known as Love, the Great Spirit, Grace, or the Creator, is the unifying force expressed in every dimension of reality.

By its very nature, Reality cannot be more than one; it represents the absolute unity of all existence, the whole where the great diversity of all its parts find their place. One reality has forever directed our collective evolution toward the realization of this oneness. Spiritual forces have forever guided us toward unity. Over the millennia, circles of unity have expanded; today, we know humanity is one family.

That knowledge means that a global transformation of consciousness is under way. The most formidable force of change now spreading throughout the world is global integration. Rapid and pervasive advances in communication technologies have opened new avenues of interaction among the world’s diverse populations; mass travel encircles the globe; and profound migrations of enormous numbers of the peoples of all continents have resulted in the intermingling of the world’s cultures as citizens of a single homeland.

~ Robert Atkinson, Reality is One, and Global Harmony is Inevitable



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