My soul has caught fire

My soul has caught fire,
She breathes with the great cycles,
Day and night,
Ebb and flow,
Sun and moon,
Whole millennia shine in my soul.

The Mystery of Love
Has stolen my mind:
Now I am a servant of the One,
A wave that gives itself to the sea,
More sea than wave,
More sea than wave …

I have become one
With the dance of the universe,
With the heartbeat of all beings,
With the breath that connects the lovers,
With the longing that elevates them
to the stars.

I have become one
With the heart of all things.
I’ve forgotten myself
In the embrace of everything
And remember nothing
but the limitless face of the Beloved:

in one moment, in the twinkling of an eye,
everything can change.
And I have understood:
every moment is the right moment
to realize the simple, pure and delicate truth

that we are always and already home in infinity
and the doors of heaven are always open.
Will we meet us there again?
I already knew you, my friend,
before the beginning of time.

© mark david vinzens




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