The greatest desire of the human heart

There is an infinite desire for belonging. This urge is inscribed on the human heart. We cannot live and express our True Self unless we find a counterpart in which our being is mirrored and can grow beyond itself. Let us think about it from a christian perspective. The Creator has created us that way, for we are an image of his Divine Being which can be described as the Trinity: a holy relationship, a holy communion, a holy dance. We were created to completly surrender to that flow. We were created to hold nothing back. Think about it. To hold something back is a very unnatural state; in psychology this is called a regression, it is a developmental disorder. You can be in and out of the flow, connected and disconnected from the fullness and wholeness of life. I’ve experienced this in my own life as a depression. Depression comes essentially from an inner resistance to life and resistance creates a mental and emotional state of separation. Depression means that you are internally blocked, cut off from the creative energy of life. A side effect of this state is that you are constantly thinking about vain thoughts without true purpose and meaning. In a sense, I was an embodiment of “The Walking Dead“.

But at some point I understood what the real problem is: I kept myself back. That’s really the definition of a Zombie Apocalypse, folks. I’m not joking. When you give your life, it blossoms, then it opens into the light, into the verdant field of open presence, into true communion. But if you hold your life back, then sooner or later it will die. That’s the law of life and death, so to speak. Life is like…


And this makes all the difference. The ability to give yourself away is the greatest possible freedom. The freedom from your own ego. The return into wholeness. That’s the paradox: holding to the ego leads (sooner or later) to spiritual death and the “death” of the ego, it’s radical letting go, leads to life, blessing and inspiration (we must “die before we die” – surrender our ego – to really come alive). All this is coded in the symbol of the cross. From the viewpoint of the ego it is the crucifixion. But from the viewpoint of the Spirit. it is the resurrection and the life (“I am the Resurrection and the Life” John 11:25 ) Well, Jesus is not just talking about himself, he’s talking about us. We can be that embodiment of life, that incarnation of the Spirit into the world of time and space, here and now. We can be these loving and benevolent beings and grow and evolve as”participants in the divine nature” (2. Peter 4:1) You can follow the way of the ego (with all its fears, conflicts and limitations) or you can follow the Way of the Spirit (with all its trust, openness and abundance).

You can be in and out of the circle, a participator in or a separator from the Divine Flow of Life, the “Holy Trinity”. And again, I am not judging you in any way for your free choice, I am only inviting you home into the greater circle of belonging, into the Everlasting Freedom and Joy, the Eternal State of Peace and Bliss. It is possible for everyone, it is always available and it is very simple. It only needs one thing: your leap of faith to be as God created you and your choice to listen and to follow the loving and gentle voice of the Spirit in your heart.

“But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth.” (John 16:13)

© mark david vinzens



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