Jesus changes into wine

“In spiritual symbolism, there are three levels of truth: stone, water, wine. Stone truth is seen found in: Thou shall not kill and if thou killest, we will kill thee. It is literal truth, often a truth with no mercy, a truth that we must obey, and much religion is simply truth of stone — Follow the laws or else. Water, which also stands for Truth, is found when we begin to recognize the good of the Teaching, the good of God’s Word, the good of not killing — not because we are afraid of what will happen but because it is the right thing to do. It is the beginning of transformation. Christ tells us, “You have heard it said…but I say to you; you have heard it said ‘Do not kill,’ I say to you, do not even think deadly thoughts about your neighbor in your mind.” Understand that since it is wine, it is the kind of truth that intoxicates the soul. It gives you joy to live the teachings of Christ. That is wine. This is what Jesus brings into the world, not a religion of laws, not a morality of obligation, but a delighting in spirit. This kind of Truth naturally makes us good people, forgiving people, caring people. Now we come to the meaning of the marriage, the union. It is a marriage between what we know and what is in our character. When knowledge and being come together, a new understanding is created. So the secret formula to spiritual transformation is the application of what you know through living it out. This is the union which creates the person we are called to be. Jesus changes us into wine. When you bring the teachings into your life, you can bring flavor and joy that were not there before. This is the miracle. Not out there in Cana at a wedding but right in the middle of your life. Living out the power that the Christ has brought into the world, the renewal of what religion is meant to be. There is the secret in the very first step, the very beginning of Christ’s ministry in the Gospel of John. On that “third day” comes a new beginning, not just for Jesus, for all of us.”

~ Theodore J. Nottingham, Parable Wisdom: Spiritual Awakening in the Teachings of Jesus



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