Arn Andersson

One of the most talented composers of our Generation: Arn Andersson. Similar to Hans Zimmer. That’s true music…. 😉 I am sure, that he will become more and more famous.  he will make music for epic Hollywood films… check out his facebook page: … by the way… he is 20 years old.

“Arn Andersson is a young talented composer and producer from Norway. He has been studying Orchestration for Film and TV at Berklee Online, and is currently working as a composer for LA-based C21FX. Besides scoring several films, games and series worldwide, he is also the founder of ComposingSecrets, a website teaching people about the art of composing and producing cinematic music. His music is an unique blend of soft emotional melodies, haunting post-apocalyptic soundscapes and massive orchestral cues. Traditional orchestrations meets modern hybrid elements in his musical universe, mixing the human feel of live-recorded instruments, with the amazing power of today’s technology.”


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