Pure presence

All things are calling you home. Every feeling, every breath, every sound and smell. Every reflexion of light and the dance of shadows,  every heartbeat fresh and open. The whole world is alive. The whole world is a love song, the rhythm of blues, this great circle of belonging. You are here. You are here. You are here. Remember. Remember. Remember.

Every experience is calling you home into the eternal now,


into the limitless space of pure presence.

Remember, there is a space beyond right and wrong.

Remember, there is a space beyond good and bad.

Remember, there is a love without opposite

and a light of all-embracing infinity,

divine solitude,


the fire of the Holy Spirit

calling you into the wilderness,

into the  mystery of existance,

the tenderless  kiss of the One,

speaking to you through everything and everyone,

touching you and hitting you home

into Light.


The eternal Light of the Lord

is burning in you, my dear,

and there is no difference between you and me,

no breath of difference,

only presence and Light above Light,

and I can see clearly now

my broken unbreakable,

my destructed indestructible

true being shining within you

and you shining within me

and my heart is a sacred place

for everything you are,

revealing your belovedness,

your dirty innocence,

the meeting point of heaven and earth,

showing you who you are.

© mark david vinzens



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