The male and the female genius


That’s a wonderful quote from Katniss Everdeen (to Peeta) in the film „Mockingjay“. It is wonderful, because it shows a new (empowered) understanding of the place of women in this world. Man protect women, yes, but women can protect man too. Man can be warriors and heroes, yes, but women can be that as well, both with their unique male and female genius and flavor. But for me, as a Christian, it is very important to say, that there is indeed a difference between the male and female and this is not just a cultural condition, a role imagined by sexist man, to enslave and controle women, but it is part of the divine design of humanity. That’s actually not a problem, it is a wonderful difference, the deeper source of attraction between them. Destroy the difference, the polarity, the electric tension between them, and you will destroy the whole dance.

Or in other words: there is a metaphysical basis for the male-female-relationship, there is a real transcendental force behind the dynamics of the Eros and the Mystery of Love, that wants to reveal and express itself to us, especially in the union of women and man, in many ancient cultures seen as the union of heaven and earth, as different manifestations of the Divine Spirit. On the one hand, I am very happy, that there is a feminist movement, who proclaims the rights of women and that we can see movies in the cinema, with female heroes (I am a fan from Katniss Everdeen). But at the same time I agree with these words from Natalie Portman:

“The fallacy in Hollywood is that if you’re making a “feminist” story, the woman kicks ass and wins. That’s not feminist, that’s macho. A movie about a weak, vulnerable woman can be feminist if it shows a real person that we can empathize with.”

The female genius is the genius of vulnerability. If feminism means, that women should become exactly like man, then I am not a feminist, because I love women to much. Sorry, but this false femenism who trains women to become man in female bodys, is without love. And this goes against my duty as a man: to adore the beauty ond nobility of the female. To fight for it and protect it. To love the difference. Life wouldn’t make any sense to me, without a good fight to fight, an amazing adventure to realize and a beauty to rescue, to adore, to love and to protect. The truth is, that Adam is nothing without Eve. Adam becomes a true man, a gentleman, through Eve.


I know that a women could fight for herself and she is whole without me.  A women can live without a man and a man without a women, but we would deny the most important epic story in the universe:  the unveiling of beauty in the dance and romance between man and women. Orpheus couldn’t sing his great lovesong, without Eurydice. All his songs wouldn’t make any sense, they are only for her. A women can be very powerful, but it is a different kind of power. A women can be a warrior and hero, but it is a different kind of warriorship and heroism.

Both, the male and the female, are (in its recognized difference) equally important, a divine gift, the both wings of the human soul. And the two principles of existance or God. A women is the genius, power and beauty of God in female form. True feminism is the celebration of that. God, the Infinite One Creator, beyond duality, has split itself into two, into man and women. And now he yearns to become one again, one Soul in two bodys, realizing together Divine Love as the deepest truth at the core of our being, that’s the true meaning of marriage.

 © mark david vinzens



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