Be a Blessing. Be at the Leading Edge of the new world

“When you focus on being a blessing, God (*the all-giving Source and Spirit of Life) makes sure that you are always blessed in abundance.”
— Joel Osteen

Save a chair for the widow, have respect for the grieving, for the poor and the lost souls, help them with compassion, wisdom and respect, encourage and empower them, and then let us enjoy together the infinite abundance of life and give ourselves away. Let us have fun. Let us dance. The Kingdom of Heaven will come, we have already the necessary spiritual and material technology, to create abundance and blessing and health and overflowing love for every Child of God. Poverty is not necessary. War is not necessary.  We can solve these problems! The old world with the old paradigm of separation, conflict, fear and lack is already death. It is time to tune into the new world with the new paradigm of oneness, love, trust and abundance in every aspect of our human life, in all ways and always. Let us realize this. We, the People, have the power, it is our birthright and we deserve it. We must only stand up, give ourselves the permission and use our Power. Say: “Dear Past, thank’s for all the lessons, but I don’t need you anymore. Dear Future, I am ready  for your adventure and all your blessings.”


© mark david vinzens


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