What’s your definition of true strength? 

Where a man’s strength and courage is tested most is in the way that he treats women – the way that he loves. 

~ John Eldredge


9 thoughts on “What’s your definition of true strength? 

  1. How Chivalrous.
    Even I believe that a Man need not show his Strength by using his hands and legs. If he truly loves his woman and treats her like a Queen, He is Man Enough.

      1. A true man is an embodiment of the power, freedom and grace of the Heavenly Father on earth. And his mission is to love and protect his women with all his life, in all ways and always like Christ. That’s my definition of strength. The manliness of Christ is my highest ideal and understanding of true strength.

    1. That’s true 😉 you are an amazing women, with a wonderful Soul, and I am sure that the right man is already on the way to you. Don’t waste your time with idiots, with a frog. Your level is far above that. You can soar with the eagles 🙂 Blessings to you, Mark

    1. We need the feminine genius and the masculin genius in this world. Both are equally important manifestations of the Divine Spirit. A true man will always empower his women, will love and adore her body as the temple of the Spirit, he will treat her like a Queen and protect, guide and lead her with the gentle, wise and loving inner authority and presence of a King, who serves and fights for his kingdom and would give his own life for protection. Blessings to you, Mark

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