This day is my day of awakening

What is the most importent spiritual lesson? Maybe it is this simple truth: you are the love of your life. Don’t wait for it „out there“. The world „out there“ and all your relationships with other people, are mirrors of your own mind looking back to you. Look in the mirror, my friend. The problems „out there“ are in truth within our own mind and in the same way the solutions. The love, the peace, the wholeness, happiness and oneness you are looking for, is within you. The beloved of your dreams is waiting for you before the door of your heart. The true romance, the holy relationship is already within you.

Can you open the door and give yourself the permission to be whole as this perfect imperfect human being (and think brilliant about yourself, for example as the “beloved son/daughter of god”) and can you  accept that you are limitless worthy of love and love yourself madly an passionatly? Every moment is a divine invitation to come home. Say: this day is a day of breakthrough, of rebirth and I am radical open for its infinite possibilities. There is space enough for all my feelings, thoughts, sensations, dreams, hopes, visions. This day is my day of awakening to the vast openness and presence of life. And if I face a problem I will say to myself: “every problem comes with a promise and a provision attached to it.”  – the potential of the butterfly is already within the caterpillar. See every problem in your life as a evolving caterpillar. We are all butterflies waiting to happen, therefore give yourself the permission to rise and meet the highest version of your self.

© mark david vinzens




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