Every season is the best season in your life

The table and chair are made of wood, and every grain of wood contains the entire history of the universe. The wood comes from trees and forests. The trees and the forests are made of sunlight and rainfall, earth and air, and the infinite void beyond the deep of space and the dark of time. The trees and the forests are inseparable from the squirrels and the birds nests, and the whole web of life in the great chain of being. The table and the chair are inseparable from the entire universe and all that it contains. They are the carpenteres and the factories, the employers and the employees, the retailers and customers. They are all of these people and their lives and their loves, their hopes and their despair, their anguish and their pleasure, their joy and their pain.

Now you are not perceiving bits and pieces anymore; you are seeing. When you are fully awake, you open your eyes and really see. And what do you see? You see the whole in every part. The whole universe is in every part of the universe. You see the ocean in a drop of water, and perceiving that which is whole, your vision is holy. When your vision is holy, you are healed.

To “heal” is to return to the memory of holiness. There is an ancient saying from India: “All this struggling to learn, when all you have to do is remember.” And what do you have to remember? Your true nature. Once you discover your real identity, you are healed on every level, and your transformation begins. A Zen poem says:

“Autumn leaves, snow in winter, summer breezes, spring flowers. If you are fully awake, this is the best season in your life.”

~ Deepak Chopra, Power Freedom and Grace: Living from the Source of Lasting Happiness


Green coast mother nature (CC0 License)




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