The natural self

Indeed, the wilderness and all its natural sights and sounds is more than therapy; it is a connection, a link to your soul and the eternal creative energy of God.

This energy that nature uses each spring to write a new chapter in the Book of Genesis. Emerson observed on the western side of the Atlantic what Wordsworth noted on the eastern side, at essentially the same time: “Everything in nature contains all the powers of nature – everything is made of one hidden stuff.” This includes all that is natural, including you. Yes, you too are a part of this world of nature. Your desire to be in solitude, to be free, to be your natural self, to follow your own intuition, to sing without being criticized, to flow as the rivers do, are natural instincts that are often ignored.

Ask yourself what are the most pleasant memories of your lifetime. They very likely are your personal ecstatic encounters with nature. The sound of the water or the wind, lapping or roaring against the shoreline. The feel of bitter cold on your face, or the sun penetrating your body at a beach. The sights and sounds of autumn leaves as you walk in the woods. A camping trip when you slept outside and listened to the mysterious sounds of the darkness. How did you lose your eyes and ears? How did you forget the ecstasy of nature? Go back to the place that Wordsworth describes: trees and breeze, cooed and wooed. These are more than a poet’s rhyming schemes. These are tickets to a lost beatitude.

~ Wayne Dyer


Brandon Burris: hawaiian sunset (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


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