The gates of my soul are lifted up

“I will lift up my bowl of acceptance that it may be filled with the divine gifts.“

Daily Wisdom from Dr. Ernest Holmes – Oct. 30
I Enter the Port of Attainment

“I enter into my Divine Inheritance and know that all that my inward vision perceives will be mine. Like Moses, I stand on the mountaintop of spiritual perception. Now, free from all obstruction, the vista is perfect, the vision is sublime. There are no clouds in the sky. I look out across innumerable other mountain peaks and in each I recognize another Divine subject of the Heavenly Presence. The gates of my soul are lifted up and a flood tide of intuition flows through.
Confronted with discord, I will see harmony. Confronted with unhappiness, I will unmask it also by seeing through this false face to the true countenance of joy. It is written that “joy comes with the morning,” and I know this morning is eternal. Confronted with a sense of lack, I will unmask this false sense and reveal the divine Horn of Plenty. I will lift up my bowl of acceptance that it may be filled with the divine gifts.
I embark upon the sea of today’s experience, knowing that the heavenly Pilot is at the helm. I seek the bold adventure of discovering new lands, realizing that there is a place within me where thought springs spontaneous from the Infinite and where the idea and the thing merge into one. I permit the inspiration of the divine creative Genius of the universe to impart new ideas, to create new scenes, to enlarge all my horizons. I feel that the ocean beneath me is teeming with life, that the air is vibrant with the invisible forces. My boat rides safe and sure, and even now I am entering the Port of Attainment.“

Excerpt from “365 Science of Mind” by Dr. Ernest Holmes


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