Around the world, young people come together to talk about community service

One group, for example, presented a poster that illustrated how young people are like a coral reef that will one day become an island, and how, with service at the center of their lives, they must be united against the waves of negative forces in order to build healthy and vibrant communities.

In Bidor, Malaysia, a group of youth from a particular village discussed the conditions that had led some peers to travel to bigger towns and cities for employment, highlighting the contribution that they felt their generation could make by staying in the village and helping it to advance materially and spiritually. Another group considered how the processes of studying, getting married, or having children are enriched when one places service to the community as a cornerstone for living. “Now that we have a child,” said one young mother from Kampung Das, “I don’t want to stop working for the betterment of my community. I hope that my efforts will contribute to creating a healthy environment for our child to grow up in.”

Some 1,150 young people attended the youth conference in Patna, India. The conference was one of 114 held around the world from July to October 2013.


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