I radiate the Fullness of Life

Daily Wisdom from Dr. Ernest Holmes – Sept. 16
I Radiate the Fullness of Life, for I Fear Nothing

“In the name of good, I unify myself with the Divine Presence. Fear has no place in my being. God is not afraid of anything. The Divine Mind has no enemies. The Spirit knows no opposites. As I consciously draw close to this Divine Center and Source of all being, I feel the radiation of Its warmth and color.
I enter into that faith made perfect through love and confidence, that assurance made complete by the abandonment of myself to the Divine, acknowledging good in all my ways, desiring only the good for others, refusing to accept evil as a part of the Divine Kingdom. I rest in calm assurance.
Peace, poise, and power belong to my kingdom. Joy and love are gifts from On High, gifts that I gladly acknowledge and enthusiastically accept, knowing that the gift is not to me alone but is the gift of Life to all that lives. I gladly share my good, scattering it everywhere. Knowing that everything is love, I gladly give myself to life, to the joy of living.”

Excerpt from “365 Science of Mind” by Dr. Ernest Holmes

From Angela Marie Henriette: My universe


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