When spirit comes into you, you see the spiritual reality of your true being

All that life is waiting for is a moment of being still. Then that resonant force can be activated in you, opening you so that spirit can come alive in you. That is a moment of awakening. When spirit comes into you, you see the spiritual reality of your true being, your divine nature[…]You know and experience yourself to be pure spirit[…]You don’t become divine being: you realize it; you awaken to it. And you awaken to it when you surrender

It is possible that this entire process of birth into the world of form could be seen in a different way. Yes, birth into form happens, and there is a vivid appearance of a body-mind; a beautiful spirit masquerading as a body in a form that contains a mind, senses, and feelings. But as we look very closely, we perceive that there is nothing about this form, this body, that is in any way separate from where it came, the source in spirit.


Ultimately, we’re going to have to open our heart to the whole world, to everything that’s happening in it, and to everything that has ever happened. We’re going to have to open our heart to everything that could possibly happen. Why? Because we’re not separate from anything or anyone. Anything you consider separate from you can scare and can intimidate you. But when you have the willingness to open your heart, to be intimate even with the things you don’t like, with the people and events that frighten you, with the state of the world that may intimidate you, then you’ll find a way in which the core of you has an avenue through which to express itself. You can express and manifest the very depth of yourself in the outside world, so that there’s no longer a division between inside and outside and there’s no longer a boundary for our love.


Sometimes I touch your face knowing that it is God. The light in your eyes a soft and shining benediction. People think of you in various ways but I know who you are.


Sun, heat, light - Sonne, Wärme, LichtBild (c) by Daniela Hartmann


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